Hi, I’m Dr. Drew Howard

I am a physician Board certified in OB-GYN. I have been in the active practice of medicine for more than ten years with my wife Kaylar who is also Board certified in OB-GYN.

Several years ago, I developed a weight problem. I tried all of the fad diets without success. I was constantly losing and regaining the weight.I would starve myself for weeks to lose a few pounds and few months later discover I had gained it all back

I began to find it difficult as a physician to tell my patients they needed to lose a few pounds when I found myself carrying excess weight. It was at that time I began to think of a medically directed weight loss system which would enable me to quickly lose the pounds and maintain a healthy weight. In a few short months, I lost over sixty pounds. My patients quickly noticed and requested I help them. Thus was born The Howard Diet system. Even if you have failed with other diets, my diet will work for you.

It is simply, effective and reasonable. Therefore, you can succeed in reaching and maintaining your weight goal.